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A rewarding career working with animals is as easy as a phone call away. While there is no standard animal massage therapy programs available, the best choice is finding an accredited School of Massage therapy that also offers the animal program. There are a few of these schools around the country who are leading the way in animal massage therapy accreditation and are well respected for their holistic approach to animal healing and injury prevention.

The top Schools of Massage Therapy offer lessons not only in techniques, but also ethics and business practices. Because this is a new field that will most likely require an entrepreneurial spirit, these schools not only teach you the skills needed to become a massage therapist, but also how to run, manage, and maintain your business. When looking for a program, this is vital to consider.

Also, it is important to find a program which embraces its past students and continuing education. Because this is such a new field, you will have to blaze your own trail. It is best to have the support of former students who have been through the same situations you have been in. Many of the top schools have alumni who will give you internships and help you get in your hours. Finding a school the promotes this behavior is one of the best ways to make sure you find a job and have the support you need to start your own practice.

Upon completion of an animal massage therapy program, you will have the skills needed to offer your professional services in pet massage in veterinary offices, grooming salons, pet shops, pet supply stores, agility clubs, canine clubs, animal organizations, etc.  You will also be able to teach private and group workshops for pet owners, and show handlers and breeders on how to massage their animals for relaxation, health preservation and injury prevention.

Would you like more information on one of the leading Animal Massage Therapy Schools in the country? Request a brochure to find out information on specific programs for top animal massage therapy programs near you.